Dispersed camping

I’m leaving for a two-week trip on Sunday. I’ll be experimenting with dispersed campsites, almost all of which I found on freecampsites.net. That site has mixed reviews on the various Facebook camping/RVing sites I belong to, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the campsites I chose work out.

I’m paying for a campsite for two nights–at Lake Pend Oreille. I scored a wonderful tent site right on the water, and I couldn’t resist. The rest of the time, except for one night camping behind The Alpine Lodge, my friends’ motel in Red Lodge, MT, and the weekend I’m spending with friends in Penticton, B.C., I’ll be staying at free sites on Forest Service land.

At most of these sites, I might be the only person camping there. There could be a few other people, but they definitely won’t be crowded places with lots of RVs and generators running 24/7. I don’t really know what to expect, though. Just in case I get to a site and it isn’t all I expected it to be or I feel uncomfortable for some reason, I’ll abort and use my Benchmark folding maps to scout Forest Service roads where I can pull off the road and park for the night. In most cases, the campsites are just places for me to sleep for one night, as I plan to spend my days exploring and sightseeing. So I don’t really care where I park for the night, as long as it’s safe. If it’s a pretty spot, even better.

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