My rescheduled road trip

I had to alter my plans a bit because of a family emergency. That’s settling down now, and I plan to hit the road August 25. The friend I hoped to camp with the first couple of days in Logan Canyon, Utah, now has other plans, so I found a new dispersed site for the first couple of nights about an hour north of Logan, well on the way to my first destination–Couer d’Alene, Idaho. I missed my Penticton friend’s birthday party, but I still have his gift, and I’ll get to spend quality time alone with him and his wife instead of a crowd. Plus, the fact that I’m traveling in September instead of August means there will be fewer tourists and families camping. It should be cooler, too. So all’s well that ends well. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

I hope to be able to update this blog while I’m on the road, but that will depend on cell phone coverage. At the very least, I can do so when I get to Penticton and again when I get home.

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