First day of August 2019 road trip

I spent the night next to a little reservoir in Idaho—right off I-15 and a little north of Malad. It’s surrounded by hills, and although it isn’t the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, it’s free. About half a dozen people showed up to fish, but by dusk everyone except me was gone. I felt completely at ease because the reservoir was down a rutted, dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and I knew no one would come driving up to my campsite. 

Deep Creek Reservoir, where I parked last night.

I left earlier than I expected yesterday because I woke at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Loveland and Fort Collins were ghost towns when I drove through them. I guess no one goes anywhere at 6:00 on Sunday morning. 🙂 

The drive across southern Wyoming was as usual—lots of truck traffic and construction. But once I got onto Highway 30, there was almost no traffic. I took 89 past Bear Lake and through Logan Canyon to Logan. I took pictures of the lake, but I don’t think they’ll do justice to the dark turquoise color of the water. It’s beautiful. A lot of families were at the lake. School starts today, so I’m sure they were trying to enjoy the last weekend of summer.

Bear Lake, Utah, from the hill climbing to Logan Canyon
Beautiful blue water at Bear Lake

No pictures of Logan Canyon, which is beautiful, but there’s really no place to stop for photos, and the traffic was heavy. 

I had told my friend David that I wouldn’t have time to stop in Logan. But it turns out I did. He wasn’t home, though, so I made my way on up to the reservoir. Then he called and offered to drive up and have a beer with me. It’s about a 45-minute drive, but we still had a few hours until sunset, and it was nice to have the company for a while.

I’m parked at a truck stop so I can upload pictures and update my blog. Today I’m on my way farther north into Idaho and have planned to use another free, dispersed site.

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