Mechanic’s thumbs-up

We decided to take the van to a mechanic to give it a good once-over and make sure it’s roadworthy. It turns out the van is in “incredibly good shape.” The only thing they recommended we do was to change the air filter and flush the transmission.

They also were able to fix something that’s been driving me crazy. When we got the van, one of the rear vent windows was open. The motors that control the vents are going out. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I finally managed to get the other window open in concert with the stuck one, but then they were both open and wouldn’t close. The shop was able to get them both closed and disengaged the switch so I can’t accidentally open them again. We looked into replacing the motors, but it’s a giant PITA and not really worth the expense. For now, anyway.

I rubbed out the van and waxed it. I finished making my curtains and put them up. I put my mattress on the cot, along with sheets and a quilt. Years ago, I made a quilt to go on a daybed in a spare bedroom. I saved that quilt all these years and it fits perfectly. 

Then I put my bins, Luggable Loo and its supplies, and other things like my table under the cot. Everything fits, with room to spare for extra supplies and food. This leaves a big area clear on the floor. 

This weekend I plan to take the van on its first little trip. My friend Gayle and I are going to Rapid City, SD, to visit her parents and do some sightseeing. Gayle has a room reserved, and I can always sleep in the room if need be. But I want to sleep in the van and make sure everything works well before I take it out on an extended trip, which I plan to do in August.

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