Change of plans. Again.

We got to the Sturgis area Friday night and spent the night at a motel. We had planned to camp nearby for the weekend, to give us time to organize and plan. We had a great campsite, but it was hotter than hell. When we were planning last week, the forecast for this week called for temperatures in the high 80s. That’s hot for hiking, but not unbearable. Now the forecast is saying that it will be in the high 90s and up to 100 this entire week. David got heat stroke on a training hike two weeks ago, and neither one of us thinks it’s worth the risk.

So we decided to hightail it to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. The altitude alone will help ensure lower temperatures. There’s no through hike for David there, but there are some good, challenging hikes he’s done in the past, and he knows of several great campsites. And I won’t have to move camp every night and try to find him each day.

So we drove to Buffalo yesterday and spent the night here. We’re getting ready now to leave for the Bighorns. I’ll be able to fully set up my camp since we’ll probably be there for at least this week. If the temperatures go back down in South Dakota, we’ll go back there next week so David can hike at least part of the trail. Either way, we have two days planned in Deadwood at the end of this trip, so we have to go back. It’s a bit of extra driving, but I think it’ll be worth it.

We most likely won’t have data access in the mountains, so I doubt I’ll be able to post until we get home.

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