Day Five–Lake Pend Oreille

I slept well last night (aided by half a sleeping pill and the dead quiet); didn’t wake until 9:00. It’s been overcast all day, which has helped with the heat.

I used the windshield repair kit, and it worked like a charm. From the inside, it looked like there was a huge hole in the windshield, but it was just a tiny pinprick; all the damage was inside. So I wasn’t sure the kit would work. But it did! You can’t even see where it happened now, and I saved a lot of money by not going to a glass shop to have it done.

Right now I’m sitting at a picnic table in front of the lake, just people watching. There’s a cool breeze coming off the lake.

This is the most southern end of the lake. It’s 43 miles long.
It was sunny the day I got here but overcast the whole day during my full day. It never did rain, though.

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